Risk Management

In today’s economic conditions, managing risk and compliances is becoming a greater burden on more and more cleaning contractors and providers. At CCS, we understand these issues and have, under construction, a series of systems designed to minimize your risks. 

The types of information and assistance we can provide includes:
• Access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s)
• Splash resistant chemical dispensing units.
• Specialised equipment training and related OHS compliance.
• Environmentally friendly cleaning agents and systems.
• Quality accredited supply chain infrastructure.
• Extensive procurement reporting and analysis from our IT system.
- Our IT system can generate a recurring order for products ordered on a regular basis, either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as required.
- Multiple sales order for a customer can optionally generate a single invoice.
- Comprehensive sales history and sales analysis reports on a ‘per site’ can be generated.
- On-Line ordering
- Customer Profile Order Entry displays up to 12 months of sales history (and more) for each product enabling more proactive order taking.